HackPVD Schedule

Friday, April 15th: 4:00PM - 10:00PM

-- Follow the ORANGE signs --
4:00PM - Registration (3rd Floor Auditorium - LEFT elevator OR stairs)
4:00PM - Receive swag and t-shirts
4:30PM - Dinner (arrive early); Team building begins
6:00PM - Official <IntraCity Geeks> Welcome
6:05PM - Thank you sponsors - sponsors twitter prize giveaways!
6:15PM - Opening by Mayor Elorza
7:00PM - Keynote by Brian Jepson
7:30PM - Out Of This World Keynote - Surprise Guests
7:45PM - IntraCity Innovation Awards presentation
8:00PM - IoT learnathon workshop/mixer by Brian Jepson!
8:00PM - Team building continues and hacking begins
9:30PM - Begin winding down
10:00PM - Doors close

Saturday, April 16th: 9:30AM - 5:00PM

9:30AM - Doors open; Breakfast begins; Hacking commences!
10:30AM - Breakfast closes; Learnathons begin throughout day
1:00PM - Lunch begins
3:00PM - Lunch ends
5:00PM - Library doors close
5:30PM - Hacking CONTINUES @ 444 Westminister street
6:30PM - Dinner arrives
10:00PM - 444 Westminister doors close

Sunday, April 17th: 9:30AM - 6:00PM

9:30AM - Doors open; Breakfast begins; Hacking commences!
1:00PM - Lunch begins
3:30PM - Begin wrapping up; Submissions open
4:00PM - Submission deadline
4:30PM - Mayor Elorza closing keynote
4:45PM - Announcement of winners; awards
5:00PM - Demoing of winning projects
6:00PM - Doors close
Thanks for Hacking PVD!


Providence Public Library ( Click Here for Map )



Last Year, Providence ranked as the No. 2 most ‘livable’ downtown in U.S. What hacks can you come up with that will help make our city an even better place to live?

Request for Hacks

  • Quality of Life
  • Parking Improvements
  • Community Building
  • Or Your Own Brilliant Hack
Have an idea? Submit it here


Providence is a great place to work and launch a startup! We have an inclusive entrepreneurial community that is reaching critical mass. Innovation is in our DNA, and we believe it is also in yours. Come hack with us!

Request for Hacks

  • Job Creation ideas
  • Parking Improvements
  • Commute Recommendations
  • Or Your Own Brilliant Hack
Have an idea? Submit it here


Providence is a veritable cornucopia of world-class events, arts, sports and music! We need your innovative hacks to help showcase what we have to the world.

Request for Hacks

  • Promoting & Improving the Arts
  • Enriching our Culture
  • Improve Tourism
  • Or Your Own Brilliant Hack
Have an idea? Submit it here