Mission, Purpose & Goal

Creating change, working collaboratively, to identify blockers and propose solutions to a better “Live, Work, Play Providence”.

hack·a·thon / ˈhakəˌTHän / noun, informal

An event where software programmers, designers, entrepreneurs, and others come together for intensive collaboration to design software solutions and compete with other teams for prizes.


The City of Providence is eager to create sustainable change within government. We’re hoping, by joining forces with our extremely talented, intelligent, and passionate citizens, that we can identify blockers and propose meaningful solutions to make Providence a better place to Live, Work, and Play… which is why we’ve developed HackPVD: a 3-day hackathon to challenge city processes and create strategic, attainable change.

Our Team


Arnell Milhouse

Arnell is the Founder and Executive Director of <IntraCity> Geeks and Founder of Code Night With Mayor Elorza. He has over 10 years experience working for and launching startups. His chief focus is <IntraCity> Geeks which has a mission to increase diversity in technology, reduce income inequality and usher in an era of inclusive entrepreneurship by teaching coding, CS and STEM to over 1 million underserved students and adults. In August of this year, <IntraCity> Geeks was officially recognized by President Obama in a release which can be found on the Whitehouse website. Arnell is also a startup mentor who loves hackathons, tech meetups and has attended many at Brown, MIT, Harvard, in Boston, New York and in Providence as well.

site: www.IntraCityGeeks.org
twitter: @arnellmilhouse


Rapolas Binkys

Rapolas is the Chief Operating Officer of <IntraCity> Geeks and an Applied Mathematics — Economics student at Brown University. He is an animated self-starter who has co-authored published software and incubated ideas in varied fields. He is excited to share learning experiences with others. For Rapolas, all questions are answerable through spreadsheets and discussion, and through <IntraCity> Geeks he is seeking to help others learn how to learn and apply themselves to discussing and analyzing. Rapolas can be found participating hands-on at Code Night with the Mayor and at <IntraCity> Geeks classes; he is happiest when searching for answers to any and all questions with others.

site: www.IntraCityGeeks.org

City Hall Support

City of Providence Department of Innovation

The City of Providence Department of Innovation is excited to support HackPVD at Providence Mayor Elorza's request. Representatives of City Hall are working to integrate the event into the city's operations.

site: www.ProvidenceRI.gov


Providence Downtown Library ( Click Here for Map )

Tentative Schedule

See the tentative schedule.




Last Year, Providence ranked as the No. 2 most ‘livable’ downtown in U.S. What hacks can you come up with that will help make our city an even better place to live?

Request for Hacks

  • Quality of Life
  • Parking Improvements
  • Community Building
  • Or Your Own Brilliant Hack
Have an idea? Submit it here


Providence is a great place to work and launch a startup! We have an inclusive entrepreneurial community that is reaching critical mass. Innovation is in our DNA, and we believe it is also in yours. Come hack with us!

Request for Hacks

  • Job Creation ideas
  • Parking Improvements
  • Commute Recommendations
  • Or Your Own Brilliant Hack
Have an idea? Submit it here


Providence is a veritable cornucopia of world-class events, arts, sports and music! We need your innovative hacks to help showcase what we have to the world.

Request for Hacks

  • Promoting & Improving the Arts
  • Enriching our Culture
  • Improve Tourism
  • Or Your Own Brilliant Hack